21 Blue

JAZZ and BLUES for the 21st Century!


Be forewarned! 21 BLUE is not for the faint of heart. This is NOT yesterday's blues. This is pseudo evolutionary JAZZ and BLUES, superbly played by Longineu Parsons on cornet ( that once belonged to his mentor, Nat Adderley), on flute, trumpet, recorders and if that isn't enough, Longineu squirms while singing slap down, drag out, down and dirty blues like they're supposed to be sung.


Then there's Ted Shumate, internationally acclaimed guitarist... who has performed with Nat Adderley, Ira Sullivan, Red Rodney, Jimmy Cobb, Kenny Drew Jr., Joey Barron, Peter Erskine, Branford Marsalis, Lucky Peterson, Sonny Fortune, Larry Willis, Al DiMeola, Jeff Berlin, Walter Booker, Chip McNeill, Kenny Werner, Garry Dial, Gumbi Ortiz, Longineu Parsons, Wynton Marsalis, Gonzalo Mico and more! Click Here for his page on Tribal Records.


Currently touring with 21 Blue:


Robert Griffin on bones. Robert Griffin has an extensive background of performances with jazz, rock and funk groups throughout the United States and has performed at jazz festivals in Italy and France.  He has performed with jazz artists such as Matt Niess, Brett Stamps, Vince DiMartino, Ben Jaffe, Liesl Whitaker, Pat Harbison, Charlie Davis, and Keith Waters.


21 Blue Rhythm section includes:Ray 'Quasi' Nelson, on drums. Chris Delorean Fullington on bass.


At the Bradfordville Blues Club (BBC)



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