Darryl Steele - Guitarist, Singer, Songwriter

Darryl Steele is a native of Tallahassee, Florida. He is a son of The Rev. Dr. C.K. Steele Sr. Tallahassee’s most celebrated leader in Civil Rights. This talented musician and vocalist has been involved in music since his early childhood, playing and singing in church and while just a teenager he played with several bands in the area. He is well known as one of the best guitarists in the area. He has a very unique smooth and soulful style on his guitar and his vocals, and he also has been known to sit down to the piano from time to time.


Darryl has performed with several legendary blues artists; artists such as Betty Wright, Tyrone Davis, and Benny Latimore. While working with Betty Wright he recorded almost all the guitar tracks and did background vocals on her hit album titled “Mother Wit”. He has recorded with and performed with international artists Sulaiman Hakim and Longinu Parsons. He is also an assistant music minister at Unity Eastside Church. Where he has been encouraged to write and perform original music for Sunday services. And teaming up with friend and schoolmate Reginald Litman has a wonderful CD on Tribal Records titled “Gifts from the Gods” by; the Litman and Steele Project”.


Darryl is basically a self taught musician. He studied for 2 years at Florida A&M University. He was originally enrolled as Architecture major. One day, the dean called him to his office and said, “Steele, I was at the club last night and I really enjoyed your performance. And looking over your drawings I have an idea. You see, you are passing your classes, and your drawings are okay, however I would like to take you over and get you in the music department, because while you are passing your classes, you really should be studying music.” So for the next two years Steele studied guitar and voice. He soon left school to earn money to support his wife and children. He worked full time as a deputy clerk in the Leon County Courthouse while working every night playing his guitar. After 12 years he left the courthouse to pursue his music full time.


Steele mixes his spiritual And R&B musical experiences to create the inspiring uplifting sounds that He creates and performs. Darryl has a new CD titled; “Originals by Darryl Steele” on Tribal Records where he has teamed up with Suliaman Hakim on two singles, “Cast Thy Bread” And Go with my Love” soon to be released.

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