Nalini Vinayak

Nalini Vinayak, well known as a composer of melodic compositions, offers yet another treat of her original compositions in this album "Soothing Embers" to music lovers.  "Soothing Embers"  is the brain child of Nalini and features eight of her skillfully composed melodies.  Nalini hopes music lovers will enjoy this album as much as she has enjoyed composing and arranging the music.


Fusion music, blending different musical traditions, has been Nalini's forte and passion.  As a pioneer of fusion music, Nalini formed a Tallahassee, Florida based band called “Agni” (meaning fire) in 1999.  She brought together talented artists and taught them her original compositions and the intricacies of Indian Classical music before the album "Maya" was released.  "Soothing Embers" featuring Nalini’s original compositions is an updated, re-edited, and remixed version of “Maya”.  Being deeply rooted in Indian Classical Music, Nalini’s compositions are based on Indian Classical Ragas.   Soothing Embers takes the listener through a rainbow of ragas and emotions.


The composition "Forever" in this album was specially composed by Nalini for her niece Sneha in whose honor she dedicates the entire album. 


Nalini, a professional Sitarist and Tabla player, hails from a family of musicians and dancers who go back to the early 1900s.  Nalini has in this tradition, carved a niche for herself in the field of performing arts as a performer, composer and teacher. 


Nalini was for several years the Director of the Indian Classical Music ensemble at The Florida State University, College of Music inTallahassee. Nalini’s artistry and command over melody and rhythm have rendered her style and compositions unique, giving rise to her own traditional school of music called the “Rasiya Gharana”. 


She has recorded and released several solo and fusion albums.  Her recent album “Stringing Echoes” (composed and arranged by Nalini) released by Tribal Records, with well known Chinese Zheng artist Ms. Haigiong Deng went down in the history of music as the first ever album released with Sitar and the Zheng in an unique blend of Indian Classical Music.


A word from Nalini:

Composing music is my passion and I have enjoyed every moment producing Soothing Embers.


I thank all the talented artists who worked with me, learning with so much diligence, dedication and respect, a style of music alien to them. I thank my family for their support.  Special thanks to Longineu Parsons of Tribal Records for mastering and releasing this album and Noble Sissle for designing the artwork for the album. 


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